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Whey Protein

Product Description

NRGFUEL 100% WHEY PROTEIN is without doubt one of the best Whey Proteins on the market. Not only is it great tasting, it also has numerous health benefits including weight management, immune support, bone health and muscle building.

NRGFUEL Whey Protein has a huge amino acid profile which will ensure your muscles will be in a potent anti-catabolic state meaning it’s absolutely vital for muscle growth. With over 4 grams of glutamine per serving and a huge amount of BCAA’s this supplement ensures rapid repair and recovery, and with a high biological value of 104, that state will also be reached rapidly. It also packs a massive 24 grams of protein per 30 gram serving with over 75 servings per 5lb tub. Being exceptionally low in lactose and fat ensures even the most delicate of stomachs are able to take NRGFUEL Whey Protein.



Product Description

NRGFUEL Casein is a highly effective time released protein delivery system, that ensures optimal nutritional support to help prevent muscle breakdown.

Ideally taken prior to sleeping, its slow digesting protein formula results in a steady release of amino acids whilst resting. The total release of amino acids in the blood stream can last as long as seven hours with one serving of NRGFUEL’s scientifically advanced Casein protein.





Product Description

NRGFUEL have developed the most effective weapon in the fight for weight loss and definition. Using only the absolute best ingredients we have formulated possibly the strongest, most potent, mind blowing weight loss product on the market.

Using key components NRGFUEL THERMOFUEL will rev up your metabolic rate to help induce fat burning to the max whilst the added appetite suppressant will curb those hunger pangs. Thermogenics have been added to increase your bodies’ core temperature and energy levels meaning your workouts will be better and more rewarding than ever! Vital nutrients have been added to keep you mentally focused and physically motivated not only during your workouts but through the day meaning dieting is made easy.

NRGFUEL THERMOFUEL should be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and sensible exercise regime to maximize its vast potential in the fight against fat.


TTP Total Package

Product Description

NRGFUEL TTP is the ultimate all-in-one formula for LEAN MUSCLE, increased strength, endurance and recovery. One of our best selling products, customers report their best ever workouts and with 5 amazing flavours you really are spoilt for choice.

The TTP has been formulated with highest grade ingredients such as Creatine Ethyl Ester which is up to 400% more effective than Creatine Monohydrate. We have also added Glutamine AKG (Alpha Keto Glutamine) which allows L-glutamine to pass into the bloodstream faster. Glutamine AKG is a great amino acid that plays a vital role in muscle growth and recovery.

Containing just under 30g of quality protein and under 19g carbs this precise and carefully selected blend allows rapid glycogen replenishment fueling the recovery process without excess undesired weight gain.

Arginine AKG is also added which increases nitric uptake in the blood stream resulting in explosive muscle pumps and devastating workouts.

Key benefits of T.T.P

  • Helps supports lean muscle growth
  • Creatine Ethyl Ester to help increase strength
  • Glutamine AKG to help accelerate recovery times
  • Arginine AKG to help increase muscle pump
  • Increased focus
  • Increased energy levels
  • Easy mixing
  • Great tasting formula




Product Description

NRGFUEL Buzzin is a fat free pre-workout energizer high in caffeine that maximizes alertness, strength, stamina and energy. Each 50g serving is packed with a massive 200mg of Caffeine, 2000mgof Taurine, 500mg of tyrosine and 700mg are Arginine. Together with added Creatine NRGFUEL Buzzin will take your training to new heights fueling your workouts and recovery.






Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Product Description

NRGFUEL's Creatine will enable your bodies’ ability to maximize the formation of ATP which will enable peak performance, delay fatigue and increase recovery times.








Product Description

NO2: Get Ready To Experience an Awesome Explosive Workout that you will Never Forget
No sugar, no comedown, just energy and pumps that go on and on and on. NRGFuel 100% No2 Formula has been scientifically formulated to induce muscle pumps on a massive scale.

Thanks to a potent nitric oxide formula, you can now experience

  • elevated energy levels
  • increased strength and power
  • increased endurance
  • massive muscle pumps
  • increased vascularity
  • and increased recovery times like you’ve never experienced before.



TTP – Anabolic

Product Description

On training days try taking NRGFUEL TTP Anabolic 30 mins before training and immediately after training for maximum results.


NRGFUEL TTP Anabolic is the new king of proteins with its unique triple protein transport system (TPTS) scientifically designed for maximum Nitrogen retention which is essential for optimal muscle growth and repair. Also with its triple carbohydrate delivery system (TCDS), TTP Anabolic will fuel your workout to the next level whilst also fully replenishing your glycogen stores (fuel for the muscles).

TTP Anabolic has been enhanced with a triple creatine and glutamine matrix system ensuring your workouts will be met with explosive power and endurance with full muscle recovery, and if that’s not enough NRGFUEL TTP Anabolic have included zinc and hmb.

Zinc for increased strength and testosterone production and hormone production whilst strengthening the immune system.

HMB for increased muscle mass whilst helping to decrease body fat. So if you’re looking to gain muscle increase your strength and endurance whilst decreasing your body fat and increase your recovery times then it’s time to use TTP Anabolic the new king of proteins, fully endorsed and used by champions. your social media marketing partner