Here at Kiveton Park Health & Fitness Suite, we offer a range of equipment to suit the needs of our customers.

These are categorised in to 4 areas; Cardio, Resistance, Weights and Relaxation.

We would like all users of the gym to ensure that no workwear (Rigger boots etc) is worn in the gym.


Cardio Equipment

Resistance Equipment

3 Treadmills Leg Press
7 Cross-Trainers Leg Extension
4 Upright Cycles Leg Curl
1 Recumbent Cycle Shoulder Press
3 Concept Rowers Chest Press
  Butterfly Pec Dec

Free Weights

Lat Pull in
Smiths Machine Lat Pull Down
Preacher Curl Cable Cross Over
Olympic Bench  
4 Free Weight Benches


Plates up to 350kg Vertical Sunbed
Dumbbells up to 46kg Vibrating Weight loss & Toning Machine
Medicine balls from 3 - 10kg  


Try our weight loss and toning machine...

Look Better, Feel Better,

Help to achieve the new you

What is it?

It’s an effective, quick and easy way to exercise without putting any unnecessary strain and pressure on your joints.

Who’s it for?

Suitable for most ages. (Please ask if you are unsure)

Used by both male and female.

How does it work?

The Vibration plate works on the principle of whole body vibration, this stimulates blood vessels and muscles to contract and relax. Due to this intense movement, your brain sends signals to your muscles instructing them to contract involuntarily at an increased speed which promotes a neuromuscular response. 

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